Encourage Yourself!

Have you been struggling this week to stay positive and encouraged?  I can honestly say that this past week has been a challenge for me as well! I had to step aside and really ask...."Are you trusting God completely?...Are you activating your faith?" With this being the time period to celebrate Easter, I also reflected on God's sacrifice and love!  How he gave his only son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins!  What are our struggles in comparison to what Jesus did for us?

I am thankful that I have a blessed support group that I can turn to in times of need and prayer!  However, I have to acknowledge that during the hard times I have to also encourage myself and stay motivated.  First, I re-acknowledge that God is there and that he will never leave or forsake us!  Second, believe and put all faith in him and lastly to activate that faith!  There's nothing wrong with going to your support group, but do realize that we have to continue to press towards the mark...even on our own.

My prayer for you today is that you trust and continue to allow God to order your steps.  Reflect on his goodness and remember why we celebrate Easter!  That is enough to encourage yourself! [Amen Saints] No matter what circumstances you are dealing with, please give it to God and during your waiting time, continue to speak victory during the test.  Check out Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers "Be Encourage" video below and allow this song to minister to you.  I love you and keep pressing!  Happy Easter!