Frugal Fashion Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!  I pray that you all are having a fantastic Friday and I'm here to share my favorite outfit for Frugal Fashion Friday!  One of my favorite colors is coral and I love that I was able to find this great shirt at Oldnavy.  I loved this shirt when I first saw it advertised on Oldnavy's website but it was regular price.  So being the frugal person I am (LOL), I kept watching the shirt in the stores and finally caught it on the clearance rack!  Super excited about my savings and the cuteness of this shirt. I hope you like my outfit and I look forward to sharing more outfits! 
Outfit :: Complete outfit.. from Oldnay clearance rack! Yes...I like Oldnavy! :)'
Jewelry :: Necklace and earings from Body Central
Hair ::  Created a half flat twist on the side gathered to curly puff.  Accented front of my face with four mini twist.