Going Bananas....Going to be a Auntie!

My sister Chantel and brother-n-law Thomas are expecting a baby boy, Cayden Edward Jones, February 2014! Super excited...going to be an Auntie! To celebrate his arrival, we had a shower bananza! Yep...who can't resist the baby monkey theme! We had an awesome time and it was such a blessing to have so many people come out to shower Chantel! My mom, sister, and I really wanted to give her a very nice shower for her first child and it turned out great! The day was filled with lots of fun, laughter, joy, and tears!  Chantel's only request was for a dessert bar and I must say that it turned out awesome!  The bar included oreo truffles, rice crispy sticks, "About to Pop" candy: blow pops, ring pops, and pop rocks, shot of milk and cookies, "Pop"corn, banana pudding shots, dipped pretzel sticks, and healthy choices of fruit! :)' Besides dreading to get back on a workout routine from all the desserts :)' ....I'm super excited for the arrival of baby Cayden.  Side note....I'll be his favorite AUNTIE!

Keep the Jones family in prayer!  Love you all!