Love is in the Air....

  Yep....Love is in the Air this week!  Everyone is prepping for Valentine's Day!  This year I wanted to be more creative for the season and do some craft/diy projects and decorations with the boys! (...of course on a budget and with things we already had!)  However, I wanted to put my own twist on it.....showcasing what love truly is......God's Love!  What better scripture to reference...John 3:16:

For God so loved the world,that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."

Now that is true amazing!  With this in mind, I wanted my boys to participate in the holiday but wanted them to know that the greatest love of God! I enjoyed spending the weekend talking about God, His love, and how we should show love to others!  The boys and I enjoyed decorating our mantel with hearts, flowers, and with our cute banner we made!


To show love to others, the boys made some cute valentines for their classmates and for our family members that are out of state. These ideas came from Pinterest and were so easy and fun to make! [Bursting with happiness | Minion Twinkie | Love You to Pieces]  I also put an educational twist on our theme by decorating our door with "sight word" hearts to help my 5 yo learn his current words.  He so loves prizes and working towards them, so I figured I could put together some inexpensive gifts/prizes (Candy, no chore coupon, a redbox rental, and fun trips to Monkey Joes and McDonalds).  As he works on them throughout the week, he gets to pull a daily prize from the "love" basket!  He is so excited to start!


Lastly, we had a blast taking pictures with "the big heart" and I decide to put together a Valentine picture card to send out to our family!  Aren't these two the cutest with their "big Hearts"?


We had such a good time making a mess and being creative this weekend!  However, the best part was reflecting on our love for one another, others, and God!  I pray that this Valentine season you all will remember the true meaning of love.  When we truly accept His love for us and share His love....only then do we experience the greatest love of all! Will you use your "BIG HEARTS" to share His love?