Ministry through Music::Te Amo - I LOVE YOU!

Today I want to share the simple fact that I LOVE THE LORD - TE AMO!  I have been reflecting on how good God is and how much he loves us!  I'm so thankful for all that He has done in my life and others.  All I can say is TE AMO!  Israel and New Breed's song warms my heart and jump starts me not matter what I'm going through.  No matter what our circumstances are....God loves us!  I pray that you reflect on that simple fact as well and allow this song to fire your up for God!  

Te Amo, I love YouCon todo mi corazon(2x)With all my heart, Oh SenorWith all my soul, Oh SenorI Love You Lord

Te Amo, Te AmoI love You Lord, I love You Lord(2x)

I love the way, You never changeYour Word remains for ever and everI love Your Name, Jesus the sameYesterday today, for ever and ever

Oh Lord your love never fails meOh Lord you love never fails

I love Your Grace, that broke the chainsOf sin and shame, for ever and everI love Your Mercy, Lord You are WorthyOf all the Glory, for ever and ever

Oohh oh oh Your Love never fails meNo Your Love never fails me.

(T-Bone)Your love is out outta this worldIts extraterrestiallike a thief como ladronYou stole my heart corazon

your love is so magneticit keeps pulling me closer iny tu son mi todo padreyou are my everythingal fin encontre lo que buscabacuando tenia nadami alma estava tan vacia but nowI finally found what I was missingevery christian thats listeningcan reminisce to what im talking aboutits a love that I can't containsomething that you just can't explaincan't hold back and I cant refrain'cause God your love its like pouring rain

oh oh oh your love never failscamino derechito no camino de ladocamino derechito con mi cristo a mi lado vamooh oh oh your love never failscamino derechito con mi cristo a mi lado vamooh oh oh your love never fails