Misplaced Hope

For the last several weeks, I had allowed myself to slip into what I call a "funk".  A period where my circumstances or people had put me in a negative state of mind.  This state lead to being frustrated, confused, angry, doubtful, afraid, stubborn, and self-pitied.  Just writing all of that reminded me of just how NEGATIVE I had gotten.  As you can see, these periods of "funks" that I struggle with are totally opposite of what God has promised: love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control....His Fruit of the Spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23)
You may ask...if you know these promises of God, why do you allow yourself to be in these funks?  Awesome question! :)' After reading a devotion, God revealed MISPLACED HOPE.  The words appeared to me so simple and clear. Hope is defined as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.  I realized that time after time, I never completly surrendered all my expectations to God.  When things are going good, I'm completely comfortable with giving everything to God. However, soon as "a storm of life" hits, here I go trying to fix the situation and expecting and hoping for my solution to work and failing to realize that I had gotten back in control.  I'm just so thankful for this #faithJourney...God's daily grace and mercy.
Clearly, I realized that my hopes were misplaced in other things beside God: Hoping for a big business break, eating my favorite sweets to soothe my sweet tooth, finding a job to help my family financially, reading the best book about parenting, or seeking just a few more hours in a day to complete xy and z.  Sounds crazy?  Well, the enemy will hit you from all sides and he starts with your mind!  My hopes were coming from the wrong things and each and every time they would fail....just temporary fixes.  TRUE HOPE IS IN GOD!
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Psalm 130:5 revealed that all my expectations and desires have to begin with God.  Only God knows what is best for me!  What stuck out the most is that I have to "wait" on God and put my hope in his "word".  So my goal moving forward is to slow down, wait patiently, and reflect on God: His Love, His Word, and His promises.  God already has everything worked out.  Each time I stumble, he waits for me and picks me up and allows me to put my trust and hope in him.  He simply asks for us to give to him 100%.  Will you embark on this journey with me to continue to move forward....one step..one day at a time?  God forgive us of our misplaced hopes and I pray that we turn to your Word for daily replenishment and to trust you with EVERYTHING! Allow Psalm 130:5 to minister to the heart's of those who seek you.  AMEN