NICU Journey: Finding my way...God's Way!

So many may ask....what started you on this journey...becoming stronger in your faith, encouraging and ministering to others, blogging, and creating your Sequoia collection?  I must admit that many of those items weren't on my blueprint that I had put together several years ago.  After spending seven years in college to pursue a Bachelors degree in computer engineering and a Masters degree in computer science, I always thought I would find a job that was very flexible, paid well, and allowed time for family life and room for all my many adventures. While working in Northern VA/DC, I had all of those things, but I still had a deep feeling that God wanted more of me and that I was here for a greater purpose.  I didn't know what my purpose was but I wasn't happy where I was! 
In early 2011, I must say that God started a series of events to get my attention on Him and to open my eyes to following His will and not the adventure and transformation began.  One of our prayers were answered when God allowed my husband to receive a job in Nashville, TN so that we could be closer to our family.  Of course, we thought we would move once we both had secured jobs and had everything aligned to move...our perfect plan!  Ha!  God worked things out where we had to move within four weeks! A blessing and hectic time all in one!  We were very uncomfortable with God's plan of action because things were upside down.  I had to leave my job without having another job lined up, and I was 21 weeks pregnant with our second child!

So my transition to a stay at home mom (SAHM) began and things were a little tough but we were making it.  Our next life changing event came late August 2011 when Kaleb decided to come early at 25 weeks weighing only 1 lb and 9 ozs.  After we had only been in Nashville for one month, we were dealing with the transition of a new job, one income, and now our little baby was here and fighting for his life.  Kaleb was considered a micro-preemie and spent the first 4 months of his life in the NICU.  Our world was upside down, but through this journey I realized that it wasn't about Kaleb being in the NICU but about my transformation in Christ and allowing him to be in control of everything!  God used that time to show me that Kaleb was physically in the NICU, hooked to machines and feeding tubes.  However, I was there spiritually and that God was feeding my spirit daily to grow my faith.  This point in my life is were I discovered the true meaning of Proverbs 3:5-6.  

Trusting in God is a daily walk and I'm so thankful that my journey has and still reminds me that He is in control and not me!  We are still going through our journey but I thank God that Kaleb is with us and doing so well.  Kaleb is still using a feeding tube and has weekly therapies, but it is a blessing that we aren't where we were and that things are going in such a positive direction.  Seeing Kaleb each day reminds me of God's love, power, and his grace and we are truly thankful.  I am becoming stronger in Christ, praying more about God's direction and will (His time), and learning to be obedient to His Word.
So now I'm at the place where I'm striving daily to fulfill my heart's desire to have my own business but God has shown me that he also wants me to use my business platform and personal experiences to  encourage, inspire, and empower!  With the vision of my Sequoia collection (learn more here), I pray daily that I can use my creative God given talent to serve Him and others.  If it had not been for my NICU journey I wouldn't be where I am today.  Thank you God for helping me to find my way!