Proverbs Study no.3 - Developing Your Character

Happy Saturday everyone!  I hope that you all are enjoying the Proverbs study and I must say that the journey has been amazing!  God has been "checking" me from every angle and I'm so thankful!  Godly living leads to more wisdom and understanding......a closer relationship to my father!  This week study has really made me evaluate my character and Proverbs spells out how we are to live more like Christ.  I pray daily that we can be in action for God, striving daily to live by his word, deny ourselves, and develop our character and impact lives.  Enjoy your Saturday and keep pressing! [av_icon_box icon='ue81d' font='entypo-fontello' position='left' title='Week no. 3 questions' link='' linktarget='' linkelement='']

  • Make a list of things you can do to give more to others?  Do you trust that God will give more to you?
  • How do you react when God disciplines you?  Others? Is it an act of love?
  • What does the scripture say about self-control?  How can you implement more self-control?
  • Wisdom is more than knowing God's can you apply wisdom daily?
  • When you make plans, do you pray and seek counsel from others?


What I've learned this week:

Proverbs no.11

  • At judgement day, only our love for God and obedience will count.
  • Use our mouths to build others up....not tear down.
  • God blesses those who give freely of their possessions, time, and energy.
  • Gaining wisdom can be the first step to attracting people to God.

Proverbs no.12

  • To learn wisdom of others, be willing to accept discipline and correction.
  • Positive response will achieve positive results.
  • God is truth....can trust his word to guide you!
  • Make good use of everything God has given you and prize it!

Proverbs no.13

  • Self-control comes from controlling the tongue.
  • There is power in the tongue...either you will speak good or bad.
  • The greatest responsibility of a parent is to nurture and guide children.
  • My efforts encourages my children to seek God's wisdom above all else!

Proverbs no.14

  • A wise woman builds her home.
  • Don't live a life just for yourself; serve  others, share your faith, and work for justice.  Serve God wholeheartedly.
  • Right choices often requires hard work and self-sacrifice.
  • God wants us to serve and bless the poor.

Proverbs no.15

  • A gentle answer deflects anger.
  • What we feed our minds is just important as what we feed over bodies.
  • We have power over our attitudes.
  • Allow others to enlarge your vision and broaden our perspective.

Proverbs no.16

  • Making plans is a partnership between our efforts and God's control.
  • Committing plans to the Lord requires trusting God like everything depends on him, while working like everything depends on us.
  • God is loving, powerful, and good.
  • Put my energy into pleasing him!

Proverbs no.17

  • God uses trials to purify us !  Refine our faith and purify our hearts.
  • Forgiveness is an act of love!
  • Keep eyes on God...He will align dreams with His plan!

Use hashtag #proverbs31living to share your thoughts, pictures, and your journey.  Enjoy your weekend and strive to encourage or impact someone's life today!