2014....Season of Favor!

Happy New Year Everyone!  It's 2014....time is flying!  Well, we all know that it's that time where we've made new year resolutions and we are pumped to get started.  Honestly, Why do we feel like we have to wait for particular time periods (especially New Years) to start things?  I'm guilty of it..... For the last several months I've taken some time to honestly reflect on the past years and realized that each year I've made resolutions/goals and fell short mid way.  So what's the problem?  Through prayer and God's Word, I realized that I wasn't making God a priority (all the time), not trusting God 100%, and lacked wisdom and consistency!  I've been asking God for His favor in 2014 and to help renew my mind, seek wisdom and understanding, and to be consistent in all that I do.

Our season of favor starts right now! We must realize that we have the spirit of power and not of fear!  If we want things to change in our lives we must first pray about it, speak it, believe it, and walk in it! James 2:17 states that faith without work is dead!

It's time to get to work people...are you ready? Are you claiming 2014 as your season of favor? I'm looking forward to sharing more details about prayers/goals in this upcoming month.  I'm speaking over my life and declaring that 2014 will be my season....my start to a new me....blessings...abundance....revealing of God's glory!