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dream.set.go - December Edition

Ohhhh yeaaahhh, December is here!  Like.. this year has gone by so fast but I'm thrilled that my favorite holiday season is here.  It is also my birthday month and I'll be celebrating my 33rd birthday on the 5th.  [Doing my bday dance as I type lol] I'm looking forward to creating more special moments with my family by sharing our hearts over hot chocolate and a toasty fire, being creative with Christmas activities with the boys, spending some time praying and planning big plans for 2016 for my brand, and lastly enjoying some peaceful and down time to rest in the Lord.

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dream.set.go - September Edition

Fall is already upon us....moving into cooler temperatures, transformations of leaves, and for me a time to press deeper into my purpose, dreams, and hopes.  This time of year is always great to regroup and refocus on the priorities in my life.  I'm so anticipated all the great things that God has in store and the fire He continues to stir in my heart as I choose to passionately embrace my role as a woman of ministry, wife, mother, friend, and business owner.

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dream.set.go - May '15 edition


[my #faithjourney]  Remember to let go and stand in the moment!  Trust God through the process.  I plan to focus my attention on my prayer life and start a scripture reading plan to keep me consistent in the word of God.  Looking forward to reading "Make It Happen" outside while I enjoy the warmer weather.  God has reminded me of so much in April.  I found myself starting to become overwhelmed with all of the things and tasks on my plate.  However, I stepped back from it all and just let go!  Standing in God's word and promises -- Breathe Chamel!

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