{THP} :: Initial Follow-up

So we are nearing the end of our prep week....learning and planning for this challenge!  I'm not sure about you all, but Chantel and I are super excited!  We've had one fellow member to jump the gun (Maegan) but we are that she had great feedback.  :)

If you haven't done so, please comment to the initial post (here) confirming your acceptance of challenge and first entry for the giveaway.  Since we are embarking on this challenge together and we are connecting online, we thought it would be great to have an ice breaker.  Please comment below with the following information so we all can know a little about one another! (Have fun with it)

Challenge #2: (Complete task and receive 2nd entry for drawing)

  • Brief description about you
  • Name one expectation you have for the challenge
  • List what you think will be your biggest challenge with the project.

Please grab the project planner file here.  Great tool to track your plans and results!  Please feel free to post your results...remember we want to engage and keep one another accountable!