{THP} Week#3

Good Afternoon Ladies,

We are down to our last week of our challenge!  Thus far, it has been an awesome ride and Chantel and I are looking forward to an awesome and blessed week!  Let's all put it in high gear, and give God and our husbands our best!

"The kind of marriage I want is one in which we're both doing all we can to honor and love each other." Kathi Lipp

This week projects include:

  • Project#15::What Not to Wear
  • Project#16::It's Getting Hot in Here
  • Project#17::Playing Hooky
  • Project#18::Dinner's on Me
  • Project#19::The Service Here is Excellent
  • Project#20::Post-it Notes, Man's Greatest Invention
  • Project#21::Car Chases and Karate Chops
  • Bonus Project 3
Don't forget about the extra challenges to receive entries for the giveaway drawing.  Below you will find challenge #3, and we look forward to everyone's participation.

Challenge #3: (Complete task and receive 3rd entry for drawing) To another married woman (family, friend, co-worker, etc.) share:

  • A word of encouragement
  • A project from this challenge
  • Link to this blog to receive weekly encouragements and upcoming studies/challenges (www.blog.chamelscreations.com)

**To receive entry, please complete this task via facebook and tag either or both Chantel Jones or Chamel Evans to the post/message or via email and cc/bcc chantelmjones@yahoo.com.

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