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Unplugging to go Deeper

Hey Hey and Happy New Year!  Yep, I know that January is almost out but this is my first post of the year and I just wanted to share that I'm excited for all that God has planned this year!  Well, I've been a bit quiet ON PURPOSE -- which I like to call my Divine Retreats (you'll be hearing more about these soon) and back in mid December I just felt a strong conviction to push pause and unplug to simply get in the presence of God.  I felt this stirring that I was getting a bit off course and wasn't as focused as I needed to be. 

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Can't Eclipse God's Truth - 3 Scriptures to Shine God's Light!

Just like you have to wear special glasses to view the eclipse so that it doesn't hurt your eyes and to get the full viewing, you too must put on your glasses (God's truth) and see through the darkness and let others see God in you!   God's word will protect you, it will change your character, it will change how you see others, and it will empower you to walk out God's love. Change begins with us -- change begins when we let God SHINE!

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Let Go & Let Flow :: Learning to Get Out of God's Way

Our human instincts make us feel the need to cling to what we perceive is ours or to constantly be in motion towards every single task on our checklists, goal sheets, etc.  Don't get me wrong, I strongly believe in living intentionally, but God has also been revealing to me that it also takes balance where He wants us to create boundaries and margins to simply "just be".

God is calling for us to let go so that he can flow in our lives.

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Ministry through Music :: Set a Fire

So you probably know that this space of mine is a reflection of my heart and passion to encourage, equip, and empower women to live anchored in their faith while illuminating their God-given influences in their homes, businesses, and communities.  I can't share enough the importance of growing in our faith journeys so that we can experience lives full of abundance and freedom -- God's way!  

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