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Girl ... Shine Bright & Do the Work!

Hey Hey March!  If you're like me, you're probably ready for Spring and the refreshment it brings and you know this is the time of the year where many of us ramp up our physical fitness to get ready for the summer :)' Well, friend we are going to make our faith journey a priority and do the work for spiritual fitness too!  So today, I want to share with you a few quick and simple faith strategies that will help you get that faith core tight! 

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Learning to “JUST BE” - Resting in God's Presence

It's something how God's uses the simple things in our lives to set off sparks of truth.  When you think about a margin, yep the one that's in a document, it allows you room to stay in alignment and not run over the guidelines set. That is what God's rest is all about -- giving you space to enjoy Him, blessings around you, and to be renewed. Margin keeps YOU from not going in every which way in life but to stay in tune with God as He directs and leads.

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2017: Make it Happen - God's Way!

I've started many years seeking a "magical" solution or formulating what I perceived as the perfect plan to be and live successful! During the last few months of the year, I usually go into this auto pilot mindset that things will be better next year. Have you ever felt that way? Thinking about all the things you didn't achieve or maybe fail short at? Or simply you were just tired and ready to coast it on in?

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