EP #026 - Discipline, Commitment, & Consistency: Leaning into the Work!


In this episode, Lashawn Gee and I talk about discipline, commitment, and consistency. Lashawn is a mindset coach and strategist who teaches women how to get and stay disciplined. She is currently a PE coach, health teacher, mindset coach, and entrepreneur and without her faith and her discipline, she would not be able to handle all of the tasks on her plate. Ready to learn how she does it?

Everything Begins With Your Mindset

We allow ourselves to get lost in distractions, but when we focus on our mindset, we can move past the distractions to reach our potential. Lashawn touches on how our distractions can be big or small. No matter their size, we cannot allow them to keep us from reaching our goals. As we grow older the distractions get louder and louder but our goals have to stay loudest.

We have to get focused and recognize our distractions; take an inventory of them. For me, it’s social media. Spending extra time on social media can lead to comparison, doubt, and fear. We have to be focused on where we need to show up and where God is calling us.

What Comes First? Discipline, Commitment, Or Consistency

Once you’ve got a grip on the mindset piece, commitment is the next most important topic to solidify. You have to make a decision about what you want to do. Once you’ve made up your mind on your goal, you have to stick with it. Even if you have several goals that you want to achieve, you have to pick one and focus on that one thing. Decide what is good for you now, and commit.

Lashawn discusses these exact topics in her coaching programs. She calls it Carpe Diem which means seize the day. Decide to commit. Ideate your goals. Execute your plan. Then maintain your lifestyle with that plan.

Once You Commit, You Must Complete

Proverbs 6:3 - So do this, my son, to free yourself, since you have fallen into your neighbors' hands: Go — to the point of exhaustion — and give your neighbor no rest!

We can’t forget that God is the one controlling everything. When we feel a tug we need to pray and commit our decisions to Him. Instead of multi-tasking and starting a bunch of projects without completing them, bring your plans to God and let Him show you the path that you need to take.

Stay in prayer so that you don’t lose sight of what God is doing. Ask Him to show up where you are and steward well with the things that He has put directly in your path. If God sees you working with what you have, then He will bless you with more. If you’re in a place of struggle, He won’t.

Stay Disciplined In His Lesson For You

When it feels as if He is not working, or He is working but not in the way that you want, you have to stay disciplined to remain on the path that He has laid before you. When it feels as if nothing is going our way, the distractions will be the loudest. Instead of focusing on the distractions stay disciplined and stay in prayer and He will lead you out of those doubts. His timeline does not look like ours, and we cannot lose sight of His plans for us. We have to trust in God and trust in his path for us.

Commit to the process and the journey. Tend to what He has given you. Tend to it well, and show up to where He has called us to be.

Proverbs 3:5-6 - Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Surrender to what is going on in your life, trust in what He has planned for you, and then find faith and stay focused on your plan. No matter what is going on around us we have to stay disciplined and stay in alignment with God.

Stay Consistent In The Presence Of God

Before you can achieve your goals, you have to go to Him and commit yourself mind, body, and spirit so that he can move in your path. You will get weary. You will want to quit. But if you stay consistent in your walk with Him, He will bring you through to the other side.

Galatians 6:9 - Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

The word of God doesn’t say the path is easy, but we have to stay consistent to reap the rewards He has for us. Each day you have to get up, commit to the process, do the work, and trust what He is doing in your life. Do not underestimate the power that God has placed in you. We are not built to stay in fear. Consistently acknowledge fear when it is there and move toward your goals anyway.

2 Corinthians 1:7 - And our hope for you is firm because we know that just as you share in our sufferings, so also you share in our comfort.

We have to use the tools that He has given us to lean into the work. We cannot focus on the blessings alone because without the trials and tribulations the blessings are lessened. Be consistent, disciplined, and committed because that is the work we are called to do. Even if you just take baby steps, know that every step is one closer to your goals and your purpose.

Lashawn is launching a new book called The Jump That Counts in which she documents the trials and triumphs that she has gone through in her life and how they have culminated into the purpose that she has finally realized and is taking action on now. She is looking to encourage women to seize their life by disciplining their day. This is a journey of how God has taken all of the things in her life and stepped her toward her purpose.

Pre-order at: www.theellegee.com/shop


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Lashawn Gee teaches professional women how to get and stay disciplined using mindset strategies so they will discipline themselves and surrender their fears, trust themselves and their gifts, have faith in God’s story for their lives, and focus on their goals so they can achieve their big wins well. She’s also been able to birth and mature her coaching and speaking business.

She enjoys teaching her strategies to other women, showing them how to ditch procrastination and frustration and implement discipline so they can achieve the successes that they desire for their lives. She’s helped hundreds of teens, young adults, and women lose weight, gain confidence, win championships, break records, secure positions, and even take the leap into entrepreneurship. In her spare time, she is a USATF certified Track and Field official and she is also a commentator and announcer at track and field meets. She loves to travel near and far and can be caught canvasing areas for amazing restaurants to eat at, or at home cooking and dancing it out to her favorite playlists.

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What area do you need more discipline, commitment, and consistency? What action step will you take today?


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