EP #028 - The “In-Between” Girl (hesitant about trusting God fully)


Today I wanted to talk to the women who feel like they are in between. To dig into this topic, I have Katrina McCain author of Beyond Being Good: Seeking Christ’s Perfection for Our Imperfection, with me. We discuss what it means to be “in-between” in our faith and what we can do to move closer to Christ.

What Does “In-Between” Mean in Faith?

We start off our conversation discussing the state of being “in-between,” in our faith and who this state applies to. Katrina starts off our conversation by clarifying who this state applies to. A woman who feels that she is in between is a woman who is a believer, but the world’s offerings distract her.

This woman is fearful of missing out but also wants to walk in her faith. She has a foot in the world and hasn’t given her life over completely to the Lord. She wants to know the beauty of having a relationship with God, but handing over everything in her life scares her.

What Kinds of Distractions Does She Face?

The world offers a lot of distractions. Whether it be our phones, social media, movies, television, music, books, etc. there are many avenues that can keep us from fully diving into our relationship with God. Our friends and family distract us too. Katrina says we have to take stock of the influences in our lives and decide which will move us forward in our faith.

We don’t want to miss out on anything. Following God means missing out on things that are not necessarily good for us. The world presents goals and desires we can get if we just strike out on our own and leave God behind. Then all that we do crashes and burns and we run back to Him. Rather than running back, Katrina and I want to empower you to seek Him first.

Communicate with God Always

Keep open lines of communication with God. No matter the distractions, if we continue to pray and reach out to God, then He will lead us to the right path. You have to trust God through the good and the bad. Give Him the complete trust and faith and He will not lead you astray. Many women struggle with giving over control. God has us! Trust in Him and He will order your steps.

He will release the expectation of what our lives are “supposed” to be. He already knows what He has for you. When you let go of the appearance and control and cling to the knowledge that He has your path laid out. Through good times and bad, He already knows what He wants for you. By praying and seeking Him, He will show you the proper steps.

How to Relinquish the “In-Between” State

The first step in moving out of the "in-between,” is seeking Him. Once you’ve sought Him, take the time to listen. God will reveal his plans for you, but it will be in His time. Do not waiver in your faith. Continue to listen, relinquish control, and trust He knows the right way for your life.

Katrina also talks about evaluating the distractions in your life. What are you listening to? Watching? Hearing? Do these things bring you closer to Him or are they keeping you in the in-between? God‘s voice is a whisper, and you have to create quiet in your life to hear Him.

We all experience the in-between in our faith. It is inevitable because we are only human. God knows this, and He wants us to stop, pray, and move past it. Where are you in your faith journey? Are you all in? Or, are you in-between? Leave a comment. Let me know! I‘d love to meet you where you are and provide you guidance where you need it.


Connect with Katrina:

Katrina is a former fashion model from Charlotte, NC. She is the author of Beyond Being Good: Seeking Christ’s Perfection for Our Imperfect Hearts and is also the founder and president of Pearls of Hope Outreach. She has a passion to encourage women of all ages to live for Jesus authentically, in spite of the culture that tells them they can’t. She holds an M.A. in Education and is the proud wife of her husband, Jarrett, and mother to her sweet girls, Kailyn and Jaelle.

You can find her on:

Instagram @_katrinakatrina_




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