Rejoice Always! iFaith Freebie for Your iPhone...

Life can be wonderful, dreamy, satisfying, yet hectic, tough, and chaotic!  In the midst of it all, how will you react? How will you allow life to shift your atmosphere? How will life alter your attitude? How will life change your heart?  Today, I pray that no matter where life has taken you or what roller coaster ride it has you on,  REJOICE always...again...REJOICE

We can REJOICE knowing that God is always there - loving us unconditionally, extending His grace and mercy, and working on our behalf. My dear friends, I pray that as you go about your day, you are able to take a glimpse at your phone and remember that God is on your side no matter how life happens.  Trust and lean on the Father and REJOICE ALWAYS!  

Happy friDay and share a little encouragement this weekend!  A little can make a big IMPACT!