EP #022 - Owning the Evolution of the Woman Within


Jessica Lauren and I discuss how God has moved in our lives through failure to self-realization and how we are working to own the evolution of the woman within our hearts. We discuss how important it is to disconnect and take moments to just sit in our faith and trust in our journey with His purpose. While there is a time to hustle there is also a time to press pause and listen to what He has to say and where He wants us to go in our lives and in our faith journeys.

Recently Jessica experienced a time of heavy failure within her business. This failure forced her to step back and re-evaluate whether or not her actions and her decisions were in alignment with what God was calling her to do. After taking time to reflect on the call in her heart, she realized that God was not calling her to take the steps she took, instead, He was calling her to slow down rather than speed up. Jessica also shares how taking a step back was extremely difficult for her. She has always been a driven, Type A, go-getter ready to take the next step in her journey to success and in her walk with God.

This inability to stop and take a moment, to just sit still in the power of God, is also a failing of mine. It is so hard when you are taking care of your kids, your husband, your business, and your faith, to take the time to stop, press pause, and enjoy the journey that God has laid out for you. I find myself getting caught up taking care of everything else and I begin to feel stress about where I should be rather than focusing on where God is leading me and how He is working to use me for his purpose.

We also discuss how a part of our evolution is learning that our walk with God does not have to match everyone else’s. The way we speak with God, the way we learn from Him, and our relationship with Him is our own. There is no right or wrong way to commune with Him, so long as we do and we are open to his purpose for our lives. Learning to embrace where you are in your life and in your journey is one of the steps to owning your evolution. Embrace where you are and learn to take those moments and press pause when you need a moment to regroup embody the process of evolution within.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
— Ephesians 2:10
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Connect with Jessica

Jessica Lauren is the blogger behind the lifestyle + inspirational blog NoRealJewelry.Com and the host of The Sunday Jumpstart Podcast-- a weekly podcast helping goal getters ditch the excuses, do the work + make ish happen.

Jessica started her creative entrepreneurial journey in 2015–when she grew tired of dealing with the constant rejection in her acting career. “I was tired of hearing no. So I created my own yes! I started NoRealJewelry as a creative outlet. Instead of waiting around for my agent to get me auditions I started to “book” myself and develop my own content for the blog. I was done asking for permission to create. So I took my power back and made my own opportunities. Life is so funny because once I created the blog I secured campaigns with the very brands that rejected me as an actor! Lol! As NRJ began to grow I discovered that I was passionate about encouraging other women to overcome their fears and pursue their God-given passions full force!”

Almost 4 years later and Jessica has turned her blog into a business. She’s hosted workshops, created a podcast, an online store and a website that encourages women to not only dream big but to do the work to make their dreams come true.

You can also find her on Instagram @norealjewelry, Pinterest, Twitter @norealjewelry, and Facebook @norealjewelry.


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