EP #024 - Everything for God's Glory


Join Alayna Kemery and I as we discuss viewing our work and activities through the lens of God’s glory and His plan. Through failure, success, and everything in between the common thread is acting in God’s plan and doing everything for his glory. Alayna has a reputation for doing a lot of things all at once, but she only continues in her passions if it is for Him. Faith is not your secondary focus but instead the primary purpose.

If It Doesn’t Serve Him, Then It Won’t Succeed

As we dive into Alayna’s journey, she recalls a time when what appeared to be an amazing opportunity presented itself to her. She was already blogging, teaching in her church, and taking part in her church as the pastor’s wife when an opportunity to be a virtual assistant to her ideal client opened up. The contract was signed and everything was on track to move forward, but her client never reached back out. The next correspondence she received from her client was a notification showing they removed her from their systems.

“You want to do all the things that you’re supposed to do, but if you’re not focusing on God then it’s going to be difficult.”  - Alayna Kemery

Rather than allowing herself to feel defeated at that moment, despite feeling embarrassed to tell her husband about the situation, she realized that while the opportunity seemed great, it would not have been a move that served God. She had to dig in and decide if she was doing this work for God or if she just wanted to add something else to the list of things that she does. At the end of the day, she realized that while it seemed like a failure at the time for this opportunity to fall through, if it served God and gave him glory for her to not succeed, then all would be well.

Allow Yourself To Develop On Your Faith Journey

We are constantly moving through different opportunities and trials, and we have to embrace how God is moving in our lives. He is providing us with various opportunities and decisions, and we have to be open to the path that He lays before us. When an opportunity presents itself, we need to remember to bring it back to God and make sure that what appears to be from God actually aligns with our journey and his purpose.

It’s not for us to decide what is best on our journey. We must be open to accepting the opportunities placed in our paths, but willing to see each milestone or bump through the lens of God’s purpose in our lives. When you get in the habit of checking in with God prior to moving forward on a path, you will realize that not every move serves His purpose. Take the time to talk with God prior to taking each step, and you will be more likely to move in His purpose and act for His glory.

Be Mindful About Embracing God In Your Walk

Remember to stop before you take steps forward and check in with God. Alayna takes the time each morning to pray about the day ahead, she even took a moment prior to our talk, to ask God to only allow her to say the words that He wanted the world to hear. When you approach each day and each opportunity with the mindset that God has a purpose for that moment, you are more likely to take actions that glorify Him.

It doesn’t matter if what you do each day is mundane, something hard, or something that you absolutely love doing, when you wake up in the morning take a moment to give your day to God. Focus on finding time to connect with God and he will show you how to honor Him with your time. Even when you are doing mundane tasks, you can take time to see the blessings that He has given you and find the ways in which God is using you.

Surrender Your Decisions To Him

All that you do should be for God to get the glory. No matter who you are working with, who you are connecting with, you should surrender your time and your actions to Him. When you surrender yourself to his purpose for you, then his word will reach those around you. Alayna shares a story about a very recent trying time for her and her husband involving a church that they were working at.

They had left their home town and were working with a church when things went askew between them and the church leaders. She and her husband didn’t have the money to leave the area, but the situation at the church was challenging. They surrendered themselves and the situation to God and He provided. They were given a way out of that church that not only gave them a way out of the situation but also provided them with a better opportunity. Despite the trying times, she and her husband grew stronger not only in their faith but also in their marriage.

“Just because we are Christ-followers does not mean that we will not go through trials and tribulations.”  - Chamel Evans

Final Thoughts:

God made us the way that we are for a reason, embrace that and embrace your individuality because made you the way that you are for a reason. He has a plan for every purpose and aspect of your life. Celebrate who you are!

Colossians 3:23 - Whatever you do, do it from the heart as something done from the Lord and not from people.


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Alayna is a follower of Jesus, a pastor's wife, a Christian lifestyle blogger, and an assistant teacher. Her blog, The Girl Who Does Everything, is a space where she not only writes about her everyday life but also inspires multi-passionate women to do everything they were made to do for God's glory.

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