Release "MORE" In Your Life -- Are You Ready?


Has this been a question that you've asked yourself lately? You're probably worried about being able to let it go.  You've learned to make it all work, all the time...and it can be a bit scary to change things up -- but, staying the same isn't what you want.

This question resonated with me late 2014, and I kept sensing that God wanted and required more of me but I wasn't sure how.  Through prayer, study, and quiet time with God, I soon realized that God wanted me to experience a life full of abundance and have a life that will serve Him and others.  I vowed that I would no longer allow fear, doubt, and the false feelings of being unfulfilled and unheard keep me for having the MORE that God wanted to bless me with. 

For me, I'm excited about my movement to "BE MORE" -- to have a life filled with more margin and balance.  I desire to have a deeper level of faith, time to create more special moments, time to love more, and really live more purposefully.  We are all worth the investment to thrust ourselves into the lives we are called to have.

What do you want MORE of in your life?

What excites & inspires you?  

Make a list and make it plain! I did!

Are you ready...Need help?  Well I hope to inspire you with my list and checkout this free template to jumpstart yours.  You can do it -- You were made for more!