Why I Re-Launched....Again + Glimpses Behind the Brand Process

Re-launching doesn't have to be scary - embrace the growth and the journey!  Plus a glimpse behind Chamel Evans' brand design process | www.chamelevans.com

If I haven't shared it enough, I'm really loving the new look and vibe of my brand.  I honestly feel like I've come into myself and really embracing who Chamel is - lover of God, family, encouragement, and color!  I haven't always felt like this as I've gone through my share of re-brands and launches.  

When I first started out, I was creating hairbows and selling my little accessories at local events in VA while working as a computer scientist.  It was a hobby and allowed me to bring my creativity into the world.  A few years later and after transitioning to a stay at home mom to care for my son who was born premature at 25 weeks, I felt God's stirring to take my passion more seriously and I launched Chamel's Creations, a handmade product line of wristlets, jewelry, and other wearables to help women express their faith in the everday.  I loved and enjoyed what I was doing, but felt that there was something more and greater for me.  I was still comparing myself to similar businesses and trying to read and implement everything under the sun to make my business work.

Then I wanted to incorporate my personal faith journey into Chamel's Creations and attempted another re-launch to merge my love for fabrics and making with the desire to encourage and mentor women.  I was trying to make too much work and I was all over the place. Yep, this is my fourth re-brand of my business.  Whew! At first I used to think that this was a bad thing for business (well you shouldn't re-brand every month...) but I do feel that you can't be scared to shift when your constantly changing.  It's all about embracing your story/journey and having the courage to grow. [tweet that]

Will this be my last?  I don't know and that's all up to God, but I do know that I'm thankful for the direction that He has given me in this season.  I feel more alive, more focused, and more at home with me now.  I get to fuse my love for God in a creative way that allows me to encourage and be an advocate for women who seek clarity and guidance for their faith journeys. 

The journey to re-launching has been so fulfilling to get back to my core and giving way to the fire that is sparking away in my heart.  I've captured it this time around and I'm excited to share it with you!  Hope you enjoy the new space!

chamel evans - brand Moodboard

[template created by my friend Rekita Nicole]

Re-launching doesn't have to be scary - embrace your story and your journey.  Have the courage to grow! | www.chamelevans.com
Re-launching doesn't have to be scary - embrace your story and your journey.  Have the courage to grow! | www.chamelevans.com